How industries can survive through the Ukrainian War image

How can industries Survive through this War ?


The worldwide multi-crisis situation which we are living now, is the worst since 150 years according to the World Bank. The current Ukrainian war also a huge impact in this current global economy crisis. It is difficult to project and know what will happen  in the next few months and after this war. Global competition, the era of raw  material shortages and the consequences of climate change, require us to face these different contexts in an efficient and urgent manner.

Multi-sourcing, customization of customer needs, optimisation of market targeting have become more of a reality than ever before.
6 possibles complementary actions exist to overcome  some of these difficulties:
Companies need to improve their productivity and their level of quality in order to respond to customers with increasingly complex, personalized and demanding needs. Operational and resource efficiency are the core of our strategy.
Without forgetting the circular economy especially as we are running towards increased metal ratification, a necessity of extension of the life cycle of equipment through predictive maintenance and an emergency about the reduction of our carbon footprint.
MODERNIZE – Smartly in an eco-responsible way :
Modernisation can also concern existing equipment, without forgetting, in all cases, OPERABILITY.
Without forgetting to take the time necessary to reflect on the safety aspect through collective intelligence and anticipate if failures are observed during deployment.  innovation is essential but do not equate innovation with haste and act with efficiency
(RE)LOCATE and rethink territories cleverly :
The competitiveness of territories will depend on the level of taxation and standards, although some standards remain essential. We are all focused on those related to the carbon tax, but we must not neglect those related to the security aspect. Rethinking our infrastructure in the light of climate change, our bridges/tunnels… (dilapidation), our buildings, our soil (landslides)…
We are currently living natural disasters that we are not able to control, which result in significant economic fallout, completely devastated businesses, destroyed territories and victims. The aim is to work together to avoid further suffering and avoid by learning from what has happened. Collective intelligence, skills coordination, expertises complementarity from a local or global point of view, are essential.


The goal is the same for all of Economic Actors : Preserve the global economy and above all our planet for future generations.